Career Is a journey, jobs are pitstops ?

If you are reading this , You are on the right journey to building a Digital Marketing Career. At LIPSINDIA we are determined to build your digital marketing career. Hence  at LIPSINDIA we would NEVER Talk about Digital Marketing In terms of Modules, we try to teach every possibility of digital marketing.

Become A #RealDigitalMarketer- Beyond Modules Master It In Entirety ?

Before You Choose Your Digital Marketing Courses Look For:

Experience and Knowledge of Digital Training Faculty

Are the digital marketing courses practical oriented

Be sure to check details of what every modules would incorporate and how detailed each would be

Dont Be Gullible - BE SMART

Learn Digital Marketing Not Modules

Did You Know Google Adwords Can Be broken into more than #10 modules?

  1. Search Ads
  2. Dynamic Search Ads
  3. Display Ads
  4. Remarketing Ads
  5. RLSA-Search Remarketing
  6. Mobile App Promotion
  7. Video Ads
  8. Shopping Ads
  9. Metrics And Data
  10. Automation
  11. Conversion tracking

SEO Could Look Like #7 Modules

  1. On Page
  2. Off Page
  4. ORM
  5. Google Webmaster Tool
  6. SEO Tools
  7. Blogging

Social Media is An ocean Of Marketing Unlimited #Number of Modules

  1. Fb Content startegy, Hashtags
  2. Live Fb Paid Ads
    Ad optimisation wrt data analysis
  3. Fb Contests and apps
  4. Fb Remarketing and custom audience ads
  5. Twitter Content and Ads
  6. Linkedin Content and Ads
  7. Youtube Channel, Video SEO, Annottion, Tags, Playlist, Cards, Youtube Revenue models
  8. Instagram Ads

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Email Automation And Drip Campaign

  1. Bulk Email Sending 
    Email Personalisation 
    Email template creation 
    Email List creation, contact integration
  2. Inbound Marketing Campaign Workflow
    Drip Campaign setup

Social Listening Is An important ingredient of Digital marketing Mix

  1. Social Media Management tools
  2. Hootsuite, Buzzsumo, Influencer Hunt
  3. Social Sentiment Analysis
  4. Real Time customer acquistion

Adservers And Dsiplay Ads Ecosystem

  1. Adsense- Money making
  2. Independent ad networks
  3. Openx Ad server
  4. Ad formats- Native ads, Video ads, Geo targeting,

Google Analytics And Tag Manager

  1. Tag Manager setup, Google Analyrics setup
    Remarketing tags, conversion tracking tags
  2. Google Analytics Views
  3. Dimensions And Metrics
    visitors, Bounce rate, Source, Medium, exit rate
    Geo, Device etc.
  4. Multi channel funnel and Attribution
  5. Remarketing segment data
  6. Creating Goals For Button clicks, Video duration played, scroll depth.
  7. Leveraging Goals Through Analytics for Remarketing

Mobile Marketing

  1. SMS, Missed call, VAS
  2. Mobile App Promotion Appstore Optimisation (ASO)

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  1. Themes, Plugins, 
    Page creator tool
  2. CRO Tools and plugins
  3. Html Basics

Affiliate marketing

  1. Affiliate marketing setup, concept and how it works
  2. Affiliate networks
    Affiliate market places

Content Creation

  1. Buyers Persona
  2. Blogging / social media content strategy
  3. Content creation strategies
  4. Content creation Tools 
    Canva, Piktochart, Biteable etc.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

  1. CRO Concept
  2. CRO Techniques- Technical / Strategic
  3. CRO Tools and practises

Above All its the mentor who make it happen

Has The trainer ever worked in a Profit and loss business model

Digital Marketing is the means not the end, if the trainer has never worked for any live business, he or she will never be able to give you digital marketing strategies for growing business .

Are You Going To Be Trained By Trainers who have only worked as/for an agency

While there are good agencies, however agency exposure lacks understanding of business, customer, behaviour, domain and hence your knowledge and learning remains shallow..

Every Second Guy Is a Digital Marketing Expert

I have used social media hence i can be a social media trainer. I have seen Adwords platform and hence can be an adwords trainer. It's dangerous to learn from half knowledge trainers , gives you a false sense of belief of knowing something.

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Do not just look at Modules check how deep does it go.

Reaching out to every possibility in Google Adwords, understanding it, and implementing it alone would take minimum 40 hrs+ Imagine a course which finishes in Just 60-70hrs.

Facebook as platfrom should take nothing less than 14-18hrs to understand ads, audiences, remarketing options, filters, contests, analytics,

Email Marketing is not about sending bulk emails or setting autoresponders, its about personalising and automating content wrt to customer decision making funnel

See What its Like to be a part of LIPSINDIA.

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