Stock Market Workshop For Beginners. Starts -17 June 2017 11:00AM-04:00PM


Stock Market ?

Exchange, IPO, Primary Market, Secondary Market
How to open a D Mat Account, Types of Brokers in India, Trading Methods offered by brokers, what is a Stock Exchange, Type of Markets- Primary and Secondary Market, What is IPO/FPO/NFO? How to apply in an IPO.


SEBI, Invester, Trader, Brokers,
Understand the role of different participants in share trading.

Trading Setup

Trading, Bank, Demat Account, Brokerage,
How to start with a Demat account, how it works and what do you pay as brokerage. Trading Terminals


Equity, Options, Derivatives, Commodity, Forex
Difference between equity, commodity, forex. How to invest in each. What are derivatives, options, future etc.


Opening an account, Trading Terminal,Online Resources
What is a demat account, why it's needed, How to open one, Understanding Brokerage


Every Player has their own trading terminal
Understanding Trading Terminals, how to read stock ticker quotes, why price changes, behavioural perspective, how to make trading decisions, what is technical analysis (TA)? What is bulls and bears market? Market terminologies Bonds, Buying on Margin, Selling Short, Dollar Cost Average etc.


When to Buy and Sell
When to buy , when to sell, Stop Loss set up, Technical Entry Levels

Stock Categorization

Blue Chip Stock, Penny Stock, Income Stock, Value or Growth Stock.
What is a Derivative and types of Derivatives: Futures, Options, Forwards, Swaps, Futures Contract, and Futures Vs Forward Contract? Futures in Indian Markets. Options: Call options Vs Put options, Futures Vs Options, Commodities.

Who Should Attend This Stock Market Workshop ?

  • Students Looking To Get Into Financial Market, Looking to learn to invest
  • Housewife Looking to Manage Savings and Investments
  • Working Professionals Looking to start investing in Stock Market
  • Retired Professionals looking to invest money for future

Single Entry

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Two Or More

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VENUE: LIPSINDIA, 47/2, Sankla Arcade, First floor ( opposite BSNL telephone exchange) Nal Stop, Karve Road, Pune.

Key Takeaways Post This Workshop


Bokerage, Equity, Options, Bull Market, Bear Market, Market Rally, Stop Loss, Blue Chip Stock

Active Trading

You should be able to start with your demat account and start trading.

When to Start / Stop

Some basic understanding of when to start and when to stop.Plan your trade a day in advance (entry/exit levels)

Track Your Portfolio

Keep a regular track of market moves, Watch your invested stock moves. Keep a regular track of market moves

Questions You MIght Want To Be Answered

This workshop is targeted towards educating how stock Market functions and understanding of terms and terminologies pertaining to stock market. In no way this workshop can ensure you make money through this. What it will help you is to understand your investments

You would be given an overview of technical analysis, however to learn deeper into technical analysis for better investments you can join our course on stock market . The course would cover details coverage of technical analysis.

The workshop is targeted towards sensitizing you around stock market. You can at least try and understand if you would like to grow your career in this field.

Any one who has an interest and understanding and interest of managing finances can learn stock market trading.

To attend this stock market workshop you need not be a tech guy or a core finance guy, simple concepts can be understood by any and everyone and anyone for a penchant for learning can learn irrespective of age.

What if You want to learn detailed course on stock market post this workshop

You can join the weekend batch for stock market at LIPSINDIA. View Details of the program. What you can benefit from this workshop is you would be offered a fees discount equal to the amount paid by you during the workshop.

Our Trainer

Mr. Sudhir Kumar is an AMFI & IRDA certified professional. A Technical Analyst and an expert on Indian Equity market with a rich experience of over 15 yrs. Sudhir Kumar is an avid writer on technical write-ups and had his daily articles published on sites like Value notes and ways2gain. Sudhir Kumar has given technical calls on Indian Equity Markets for over 5 yrs, since last 10 yrs he is pursuing his career in Investment Banking domain as a freelancer.

Mr. Sudhir Kumar has an exposure of both National and International markets, which gives him an edge in tracking Global Market Trends.

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